World of Westeros

A mysterious rider runs through the forest towards a castle. He has to pass on important information. With persuasiveness, he disarms all who stand in his way.

The company Schattenwolf successfully operates the YouTube and radio channel “Cinema Strikes Back”. For an exhibition called “Unseen Westeros” on the topic “Game of Thrones”, Schattenwolf produced 12 moderation videos with us and a scenic recording. We as Beacon Film took over the executive production, the camera work and part of the direction.

Directed by Marius Stolz & Tessa Langhans

Script: Alper Turfan

Producer: Marius Stolz, Alper Turfan

Production manager: Tessa Langhans

Production assistant: Their Ercenk

Production assistant: Maria Jose Roman

Production: Schattenwolf GmbH

Director of Photography: Katja Rivas Pinzon

1. Camera assistant: Gregor Steinweg

2. Camera assistant: Leo Lakämper

Illuminator: Julius Dommer

Illuminator: Equbal Sadid

Helping hand: Juan Restrepo

Consultant lighting technician: Can Köprülü

Setton master: Armin Badde

Scenography: Rüdiger Gay

Editor: Jonas Ressel

Colorist: Jannik Altgen

Composer Outro: Rahim Erbil

Actors: Alper Turfan, Jonas Ressel, Marius Stolz

Riding double: Gerhard Kurz

Animal trainer: Miguel de la Torre & Melissa

Wolf: Lobine

Wolf dogs: Max & Moritz

Horse: Bailame